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Ask me anything   I’m a semi-pro (mostly amateur) digital photographer with no formal training and no pretentious philosophies. Just a passion for picking up the camera and roaming the landscape of urban spaces. These are the faces of intriguing men I've met along the way.

Chicago, IL (August 2009)

copyright: Aaron Douglas

A few years ago I embarked upon a documentary project with a fellow creative that led us to Chicago. Although the project never got off the ground I did capture some great images from that trip. Today I went rummaging through my hard drive and came across these shots of this college student that we stopped on the street and interviewed for the project. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name despite the fact that I’ve been turning over every notebook in the house looking for my scribblings on this image set. What I do remember about him was that he was Filipino-American, in his early 20s, had just broke up with his girlfriend at the time, had great tattoos, and was studying philosophy at one of the local colleges. He had a great look and an incredibly magnetic personality. Would love to know where he is now, and perhaps have him in front of my camera again. So if he looks familiar to any of you in cyberspace drop me a line.

— 2 years ago