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Ask me anything   I’m a semi-pro (mostly amateur) digital photographer with no formal training and no pretentious philosophies. Just a passion for picking up the camera and roaming the landscape of urban spaces. These are the faces of intriguing men I've met along the way.

Brown - Chicago (August 2008)

copyright: Aaron Douglas

I didn’t get spend much time with Brown that day, maybe five or ten minutes at the most, but it was interesting what I learned about his life in that brief encounter. His story is typical, but nonetheless compelling. I happened upon him as I was walking by the United Center (home of the Chicago Bulls), he was talking to a couple of Japanese college students. They were visiting the U.S. on break and were looking to snap a shot of Michael Jordan’s jersey. Unfortunately, the display had been moved and was no longer visible from the street level.

Brown emitted such a friendly persona that I felt comfortable jumping in on the conversation. As it turns out, Brown, a war veteran (I’m guessing Vietnam), used to work at the United Center. He was one of the guys who layed out the basketball court on game days. He told me it was killer on the shoulder. And like so many war veteran’s he’s now unemployed and carries a bottle of Crown Royal in his back pocket. As I was about to ask my next question, a bus came along and Brown rode right out of my life.

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