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Ask me anything   I’m a semi-pro (mostly amateur) digital photographer with no formal training and no pretentious philosophies. Just a passion for picking up the camera and roaming the landscape of urban spaces. These are the faces of intriguing men I've met along the way.

Cleveland, OH (September 2008)

copyright: Aaron Douglas

As you know by now, I just love having people in front of my lens. When a complete stranger allows me to snap a picture of him a rush of adrenaline shoots through my body, and I am overcome with a euphoric sensation. That’s how I felt when Charles, a Cleveland public transit operator, allowed me to take this picture of him. I was taking a walk on a Sunday afternoon when I spotted him sitting at a bus stop. His bus route was on layover and he was on his break. The time of day was right, the sun was hitting his face just so, and he was a willing subject. It couldn’t have been a more perfect scenario.  What captivated me about him was the certain sensitivity I detected in his eyes.

These portraits were taken in 2008. Interestingly, I spotted Charles just recently on the train where he is still an RTA operator. I regret that I didn’t say hi.

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