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Ask me anything   I’m a semi-pro (mostly amateur) digital photographer with no formal training and no pretentious philosophies. Just a passion for picking up the camera and roaming the landscape of urban spaces. These are the faces of intriguing men I've met along the way.

Cleveland, OH (September 2008)

copyright: Aaron Douglas

I spotted Jose near the West Side Market one day back in September of 2008. He was working for an an organization called Acorn that went into low income and minority neighborhoods and registered voters. Unfortunately, Acorn came under a lot of heat by the Republican party when President Obama was elected into office. But, hell, we all know the Repubs weren’t interested making sure these folks had a voice… I digress… Anyways, I remember Jose coming across as a bit shy and  embarrassed by the attention of being stopped for a portrait, but he obliged anyways. I’m glad he allowed me a few moments of his time. He was doing a good thing and I enjoyed talking to him.

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